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John Fogerty lamenta la muerte de Juan Gabriel


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John Fogerty ha hecho pública su tristeza al compartir en su facebook un mensaje hacia Juan Gabriel.

Recientemente Juan Gabriel había participado en un disco Quiero Creedence homenaje a CC Revival con la canción “Gracias al Sol” (Have you ever seen the rain) la cual fue muy bien recibida por los fans latinos de la banda.

Aquí el texto de John Fogerty:

“My heart is heavy and very sad today for Juan Gabriel has passed away. Juan is a legend in the world of Latin Music and someone that I truly admire.


He has written and recorded hundreds of beautiful songs and recently had recorded a wonderful version of my song “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” that I love very much.

We had talked about performing this song together and I was looking forward to a new friendship with this amazingly talented man.

May God Bless you, Juan.
Sincerely, John Fogerty”




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